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Developing the Waste Economy | Hong Kong

Hong Kong has an impending waste problem. Landfills are at capacity and Mainland China is restricting how much and what types of waste they can accept from Hong Kong. Citizens and companies are faced with the challenge of what to do with their growing waste problem. In 2016, 41% of waste going to landfills was generated by the domestic sector, 29% by construction and 26% from commercial waste.

TOMA-Now facilitated a results-driven value chain mapping process that:

  • Maps the waste value chain and identifies key stakeholders.
  • Focuses on data-driven decision-making for the waste economy.
  • Looked beyond recycling to beneficiation and capture key waste economy opportunities.

The workshop highlighted that change is possible and can be achieved by actively engaging in meaningful conversations. By sharing knowledge your collaboration generated positive outcomes and first steps to create a robust waste economy.
Some key points that emerged:

  • Greater need to educate the public and drive responsible consumer behaviour
  • Need for smart technologies
  • Need greater collaboration amongst the public sphere, governmental sphere and civil society

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