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Sustainable Business Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

TOMA-Now is an innovative green economy consulting company that is well-placed to help businesses transition to a more sustainable future. We offer a range of services, including value chain mapping, market research and analysis, stakeholder engagement, and data visualization.

We help businesses identify and assess the environmental impacts of their operations, offering simple yet high-impact measures to reduce their carbon footprint or enhance their ESG scorecard. TOMA-Now helps businesses understand the green economy market, including the latest trends, technologies, and regulations. Our clients use this information to develop impactful business plans, build resilience into their businesses, optimize products and services or enter new markets Our holistic understanding of the green economy market means we are able to provide businesses with the insights they need to make informed decisions. We are experts in data visualization and can help businesses create compelling and informative stories about their sustainability journey.

We work with businesses to develop solutions that are both actionable, sustainable and beneficial to people. We offer bespoke services within the following four key areas:

Value Chain Mapping

Value chain mapping, resilience building, problem identification, service and/or operational optimisation.

Target parts of your supply chain where real value is added to your product, service and organisation. TOMA-Now develops a clear, tangible sustainability strategy with business-ready approach.

Our value chain mapping will help you identify and prioritise actions to address environmental, social and economic impacts.

We offer services to:

  • Identify opportunities for improvement across the value chain
  • Identify risks in the supply chain
  • Optimised value chain for maximum benefits
  • Holistic and strategic interventions & a systems-based approach
  • Identify and prioritise actions to minimise environmental impacts, while maximising social and economic benefits.

Market Research

Identify, gather, research & analyize

Market research and analysis is the first step to understand your target sector and identify tangible opportunities. We offer purpose-driven market research, gathering and analysis to define your tomorrow.

Our approach creates a good match between the problem and underlying rationale to ensure the desired outcomes.

We offer services to:

  • Blend external and internal information to create holistic shifts.
  • Primary and secondary data collection, including access to an extensive network of expertise.
  • Go beyond the current industry focus to identify lessons learned in parallel industries with similar context.
  • Create contextual awareness beyond immediate ask.
  • Identify and prioritise actions to minimise environmental impacts, while maximising social and economic benefits.
  • Access to a dynamic team with a diverse and proven track record.

Stakeholder Engagement

building quality relationships & supporting dynamic collaboration

Our in-house developed ACT-Tank tool is a stakeholder engagement-focused workshop process that embraces creative expression in a safe, structured environment. Our approach is Agile, Creative and Tangible (ACT) with an outcomes-driven mindset that empowers stakeholders to focus investment where it matters.

TOMA-Now uses bespoke tools to facilitate meaningful outcomes. Stakeholder tools build quality relationships and support dynamic collaboration.

We offer services to:

  • Structure and guide the engagement process.
  • Accelerate unpacking, review and understanding of key problems.
  • Clear and transparent process and accelerated stakeholder buy-in.
  • Navigate incremental solution development.
  • Move beyond brainstorming to develop concrete actions and roadmaps.
  • In-house developed tools to rapidly solve complex issues.
  • Identify relevant actors and appropriate tools to maximise inclusive engagement and meaningful dialogue by using human-centric and design-thinking principles.

Data Visualisation

measure & monitor critical metrics for your business

Our data visualisation solution includes GHG emission calculations and reporting, benchmarking progress to global indicators and industry standards for clear reporting. All of this comes together to measure and monitor the most critical metrics for your business. Know and understand what impact your initiatives are having, both internally and externally.

Our approach merges technology with a human-centred focus providing you with dynamic and agile solutions in a rapidly changing world, thereby helping you make informed decisions by tracking Metrics that Matter.

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