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A personal journey towards sustainability

In today’s modern business world, there is a constant push towards knowing your true self, finding your vision, purpose and passion. I see our personal journey in a similar light to the growing awareness and impact of sustainable thinking on business. Just as we are being continually confronted with having to apply sustainable practices to our business, we’re constantly being challenged to find our purpose and passions.

What is sustainable business as usual?

For some it may seem like an arduous task and the answer to due diligence, simply ticking the right boxes. There is no doubt that the advantages of pursuing a sound sustainability agenda are immense and far reaching. The real question that we should be asking, is whether we can entrust people to do the right thing. Can we trust our leaders and fellow employees to convert a company vision into something practical? Will they truly be able to evolve business as usual thinking if it doesn’t resonate with their core beliefs and sense of purpose?

True North

This leads me to the almost disparate and yet, immensely applicable concept of True North. For those not in the know, True North is the direction along the earth’s surface towards the geographic North Pole. A compass will guide you to magnetic north, not True North. In personal development, there are some things a development map can give you but there is a lot more that comes from you as an individual. The interesting thing about True North is that it is not affected by magnetic fields surrounding a compass, not unlike having to discover your true potential and inner / core purpose.

Are you surrounded by enough responsible, forward-thinking people, which can create a synergistic whole to move things forward in a truly sustainable way? Could we create sufficient momentum towards a revolutionary way of being and engaging in the world of sustainable business?

Your personal True North

Your True North is a place where you will find your true self, gifts and talents, your unique passions and purpose.
Today’s modern life has made it immensely difficult to slow down, yet that is exactly what is required to find our True North. Introspection cuts right to the deepest and truest parts of our soul. It is everyone’s individual responsibility to engage in an introspective quest for wisdom and their unique truth. Within this quest, you will find compassion, empathy, integrity, love, brotherhood, purpose and reverence for all forms of life. The source of your inner power will be purer and stronger, creating a purpose-driven life. Contributing towards a sustainable way of doing things will become as natural as taking your next breath.

4 Easy & simple ways to get started – Your personal SWOT analysis

Just as every new business venture conducts a SWOT analysis, an important part of its strategic planning process, so should every individual reflect on various areas of their life.

  1. Strengths: What are your strengths, the things that you have a raw talent for and what are you passionate about?
  2. Weaknesses: What are your weaknesses, the things that you are not really that good at and that actually drain you? This is a sure sign that you are engaging in what I prefer to call, a non-strength. And yes, we all have them! What aspects of your personality and behaviours are a little rough around the edges and could do with a little bit of polishing?
  3. Threats: What are the threats in your life? What past woundedness have you not faced head-on and made peace with as yet? What are the things, negative mindsets and beliefs that keep hijacking your ability to live a full and rich life?
  4. Opportunities: What are your opportunities? We all have a specific role and purpose to play. We have each been blessed with very specific talents and passions through which we are to make an undeniable mark. Every single individual is a vehicle carrying immense opportunity and power within ourselves.

It is our responsibility to ensure that we have at our disposal a compass which will point out our True North. The benefits of knowing where your True North lies, is a clearer vision and deeper sense of knowing what is right, leading to a greater contribution to next-level thinking. A wonderful free by-product that emerges is a rich and rewarding life.

How can you find your True North? Start working on your compass and embark on the navigational journey with immense personal and business benefits. Use our 4-step SWOT analysis as a starting point. If you have already started, please share your stories and let us know what’s worked well for you. What have been your current wins, and challenges that you have encountered and how has this inward journey been helpful to your contribution to the outside world?

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