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Green Strategies to thrive in 2021

Last year took us all by surprise. Who expected that we learn words like lockdown and what an essential service is? But we learn and grow! We learned about social distancing and hosting virtual meetings, working from home and #asynchronicity. Learning about what it takes to stay positive under immense pressure. We made tough decisions and we survived.  

We took everything we have learned and looked at it from all perspectives: what do we need to go into 2021 prepared for (almost) anything? We need to be armed with agile strategies for sustainable green businesses.  

Let’s make this the year we come together as a community to solve the big and small problems. Together we can inspire and realise a green economic recovery, making the new everyday inclusive and kind.  As a community we can build high impact business models that create opportunities for all while benefitting natural ecosystems, driven by green strategies. 

Here’s our top 5 ways to make sure you come out on top:

  1. Know the market and adapt  
  2. Optimise your value chain 
  3. Include stakeholders and beneficiaries 
  4. Measure your impact 
  5. Exceed expectations with innovative approaches   

1. Know the market and adapt

TOMA-Now has a holistic, systems-based approach to research that leads to actionable outcomes and interventions. We combine comprehensive quantitative and qualitative search, stakeholder engagement and in-depth value chain analysis to give insight into impactful strategic interventions that have the potential to unlock investment in the green and circular industries.

2. Optimise your value chain

TOMA-Now delivers value chain analysis that highlights industry gaps and available opportunities. We identify where the most value can be added to your product or service, because when you have a holistic view your changes are systemic. Have a look at opportunities that were unlocked in the waste economy.

3. Include stakeholders and beneficiaries

Transformation from the ground up needs community engagement – and by that we mean business and social communities. After our work with Flower Valley Conservation Trust and Western Cape DEA&DP for sustainable wildflower harvesting, we realised again the importance of really taking the needs of all stakeholders into account: “This is an opportunity to create an inclusive approach to propel the industry forward. The key to the development of the assurance system is to understand the value it can bring while highlighting the uniqueness of Fynbos and the legacy of the harvesters,” said Dr Jaisheila Rajput, CEO of TOMA-Now.

4. Measure your impact

TOMA-Now lives our values of empower|inspire|build But, social impact initiatives are often thought of as intangible. Strangely enough, using the right metrics can bring home the scale of issues that need to be resolved and push for much-needed action. But the question remains, what are the right metrics to support impact and the organisations that make this possible? We help you to figure out what the right metrics are, and how to match them up with the SDGs that are most relevant to your business. We want to share how we use data to bring together the how’s and the why’s, because the right measurements can really make all the difference.

5. Exceed expectations with innovative approaches

Workshops are not always the engaging experiences that we hope they will be. We used to get the same results as everyone because we did the same things as everyone. But we realised that there must be a different way of doing it, and so we developed an innovative system for collaborating. ACT Tanks get to the core of a problem in a journey mapping format. We wanted to take the ThinkTank into the real world and focus on ACTing. Then these insights build an action-oriented roadmap, that shows key priorities and opportunities.

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