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Enviropaedia Eco-Logic | The Climate Change Award

TOMA-Now is a finalist for the coveted Eco-Logic Climate Change Award, awarded to an organisation that has achieved a substantial reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions. We are nominated for our work in alien biomass beneficiation: What to do with aliens?

Alien vegetation poses a real and present threat to South Africa’s water security. Concerted measures are needed to eradicate the aliens. By creating value for the biomass that is removed, we can support a pull strategy that will increase the rate at which aliens are eradicated. Alien vegetation biomass beneficiation can become an effective entry point to develop low carbon economies.

Developing a biomass value chain through alien vegetation removal can offset clearing costs, create new jobs and be used to develop innovative low carbon and lower cost solutions. The focus on biomass value chain development allows for a significantly more robust industry and applications to be developed, boosting local industries and communities. The focus of this project was how to holistically optimise the combination of freshwater, forestry and alien vegetation biomass for the benefit of regional communities and industry at different scales and for specific needs, through a review of related biomass value chain requirements.

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