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Climate Change: Eco-logic awards 2019

TOMA-Now | Tomorrow Matters Now was awarded silver in the Climate Change category for their work with alien biomass beneficiation at the eighth annual Eco-Logic Awards. Download the full case study on the right.

Invasive alien vegetation in South Africa’s strategic water source areas utilise water in excess of 400 million m3/year. Their removal could potentially unlock significant quantities of water, a critical pre-requisite for a water-secure future South Africa. Finding a suitable use for the significant amount of biomass generated has been a long-standing local challenge that also presents a unique opportunity. Optimising the value of biomass could help to cover the costs of clearing, potentially making it more economically viable and creating more jobs. We look at potential biomass beneficiation applications that could create value from alien vegetation and the need to develop local biomass beneficiation value chains. The key to unlocking value is the inclusion of the entire value chain in strategising solutions.

The event took place on Wednesday 28 May at the Table Bay Hotel and was presented by The Enviropaedia which is South Africa’s online environmental encyclopedia, green directory and repository of sustainability thought leadership.

The Eco-logic Awards are one of South Africa’s premier environmental awards and publishing editor of the Enviropaedia, David Parry-Davies, says: “(Today) we celebrate individuals, communities and organisations who have the intelligence, foresight, wisdom and emotional maturity to behave in an ecological manner. By changing the values and thinking patterns that motivate our behaviour and thus cause these environmental challenges, we can build a new foundation for a healthier, happier and more sustainable world for us to live and thrive in,” he says.

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