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Metrics that Matter: Alternative Water Solutions

Measuring the role of water in community resilience

How do we evaluate alternative water supply solutions?

13.3 million people in South Africa still don’t have access to safe drinking water supply. A large number (22%) of those with access experience intermittent and unreliable water supply. A majority (49%) of those that have reliable water supply are in urban areas, while the rural areas remain highly underserved with only 18% of the rural population having reliable access to water supply. We need alternative water solutions that are viable and sustainable for everyone in the country.

Municipalities, and the communities themselves, are under pressure to be resource-resilient, and the challenge now becomes how to find alternative water supply solutions that apply to these underserved areas.

We address this challenge by looking at the resource with a systemic view, considering the strengths and weaknesses of each solution as well as potential impacts. What is the key to finding suitable alternative water supply solutions?

  • Relevant data that is location-specific.
  • Visualization tools to give tangible meaning to this data.
  • An interface where the metrics can be compared consistently to enable informed decision-making.

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