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Africa-EU Cooperation Continental Report


Continental Report

This study on the role of the Circular Economy in Africa-EU cooperation is timely as we review the impact the past year has had, on local and global economies. 

It sheds light on the vast potential that the circular economy (CE) holds for sustainable economic development in African countries. The projected exponential population growth combined with the increasing levels of economic well-being will create unprecedented demand for natural resources. As such, the CE will not only be an economic opportunity, but a necessary strategic paradigm for economic development that can foster sustainable growth while decoupling it from resource consumption and negative environmental impacts.  

This continental report is the final deliverable in a series of reports on this subject, where the previous reports focused on the current and potential role of CE in eight African countries, spread over the continent (see South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal). This continental report builds on the insights from these country reports and looks at CE-related developments and opportunities at a higher level, taking into account the international, continental and regional aspects as well. It describes ongoing trends, challenges and opportunities relating to the circular economy transition at the continental and regional level.  

In addition, it synthesises key CE-related developments found in Africa across various priority sectors providing examples of circular businesses, products and initiatives. The report includes an exploratory analysis othe relationship between CE and trade, and assesses the potential impacts of a broader CE transition in Africa in economic, social and environmental terms through macro-economic modelling complemented by a qualitative contextualisation of the findings. The information presented in this report builds on extensive desktop research, enriched by insights from interviews with stakeholders with a wide range of backgrounds, including local African organisations as well as European and multilateral organisations.  

TOMA-Now has a holistic, systems-based approach to research that leads to actionable outcomes and interventions. Comprehensive quantitative and qualitative search, including web-based market research, stakeholder engagement and in-depth value chain analysis, gives insight into impactful strategic interventions This has the potential to unlock investment in green and circular industries.

The outcomes of the research conducted provides insight and recommendations for North-South collaboration that will drive a just transition.

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